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      The Legacy of Authentic Legacy all started with a dream from its CEO Kourtney Zorian. Kourtney Zorian is a licensed Cosmetologist, a thriving entrepreneur, and a natural born hustler. This Queen is an African American woman hailing from the Southside of Chicago, fighting to accomplish her goals. Dealing with the cards life dealt, she gracefully utilized her God given talents and mindset to overcome various barriers. She aspires to inspire and empower others to be their Authentic selves and allowing their very Authentic Legacy to form, as she walks the path to her very own Authentic Legacy.  Her favorite quote to embody is:

"If you do not have to work hard for it, it is not worth having. Success is much sweeter knowing that you had failures to become successful, and knowing that you worked hard for the success you earned." – KZ
      Five years ago, KZ began developing her brand, “Authentic Legacy” during her junior year of high school. So yes! “Legacy K” is in her early 20’s. This proves that work ethnic has no age requirement. When you want something bad enough, you go get it! Her father always told her:

"Represent yourself well and your name will always be GOLD. You will be able to do whatever you want." - Dad

She lives by this, and with everything she does, it must be executed on a grander level. With her creative mind, the possibilities are endless for Authentic Legacy.

     You are probably wondering where the name ‘Authentic Legacy' derived from. Creating the name took endless brainstorming and consideration from close family and friends. KZ has always had an eye for luxurious clothing and items. Fashion has always been her topic of choice. Specifically, in designer handbags bags, there is a tag that entails the serial number to the item which certifies that the bags are 100% authentic, identifying the real from the fake. Authentic means to be real, in the simplest form. KZ believes that one should be true to their authentic selves, being the reason behind the word Authentic in the name. The word Legacy actually derived from a Coogi track suit she had her freshman year of high school. The word legacy means to create and inspire for those that come after you and to help pave the way. To add to KZ the meaning legacy exemplifies standing for what you love and people remembering you for that very LEGACY. She aims to help others succeed because everyone can win. Her goal is to be a motivational figure for people to keep pushing, keep praying, and keep believing in yourself. Challenges and obstacles will come, but remembering that they are all apart of the process to being successful is what makes the LEGACY so AUTHENTIC!

                                                                                                   ALWAYS DREAM,


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