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  • How much hair do I need? For a full sew-in with virgin hair you need approximately 8 to 10 ounces of hair. Each bundle of Authentic Legacy hair is at least 3.5 ounces. We recommend purchasing 2 bundles/packs of hair for lengths 14” to 18” inches. We recommended purchasing 3 bundles/packs for lengths 20” or longer. Always keep in mind the virgin hair guideline of: “ the longer the hair, the shorter the weft.”

  • Can I color Authentic Legacy hair ? Authentic Legacy hair is 100% virgin human hair. This means that the hair has not been processed in any way and the hair cuticles are all facing in the same direction. Yes the hair can be colored but it is recommend that you receive the coloring service by a professional stylist (cosmetologist). But also keep in mind that after hair has been colored it is no longer completely 100% virgin hair. Be sure to keep color treated hair conditioned and moisturized.

  • How long does Authentic Legacy Hair last? The longevity of Authentic Legacy Hair primarily depends on the daily and overall care provided to the hair. Authentic Legacy hair with proper care can last at least 1 year and can last longer with the proper care.

  • What color does bundles come in? In general, all Authentic Legacy hair comes in natural black/ natural brown. All hair is in the natural state including the color guaranteeing that you are receiving 100% virgin hair.

  • Can I cut the weft ? Yes , but we advise you not to cut the weft unless it is completely necessary. Being that cutting of the weft promotes shedding, we recommend sealing wefts as they are cut to prevent shedding. We also recommend sealing the wefts before installing.

  • Can i flat iron my Authentic Legacy Hair? Yes, you absolutely can. Authentic Legacy hair is completely natural 100% virgin human hair. You may flat iron, blow dry and/or dye all hair texture. we recommend a reduced amount of heat to prevent damage. We recommend letting the hair air dry before performing any heat services on the hair. We also recommend using a heat protectant when performing heat services to minimize detracting the natural / curl pattern of the hair.

  • Are all bundles the same? No virgin hair is exactly the same being that no two heads of hair are exactly alike. Due to the natural nature of Authentic Legacy hair, we can not guarantee that each bundle will be the EXACT same color or wavy/curly texture. This just provides assurance that you are receiving virgin hair. However we do try our best to match bundles as close as possible to one another for each order.

  • How long is shipping? Always expect 7-14 business days for processing and 2-3 business days for shipping.

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